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*Dr. Chiragkumar C. Bhesdadiya, Dr. Haresh N. Soni and Dr. Nikunj Thakkar


Men and women reach old age with different prospects for older age. For women each phase of her life is beautiful and should be considered as gracious. Menopause, a phenomenon unique to women and a unique experience for every woman, is the ending of a woman?s monthly menstrual period and ovulation. It is a normal part of a woman?s life just like puberty. The age of menopause is agreed as around 50yrs in ayurveda as well as in modern science. An ovary stops producing eggs and reduces the production of estrogen and progesterone hormones. It represents a major milestone in a woman?s biological life, signifying the end of her reproductive life. The ancient Greek roots of the term menopause are “men” + “pauein”. The word “men” means month which is closely related to word for moon “mene” because the months were measured by the moons. The word “pauein” means to cease or stop. According to our science lifespan of every individual is divided into three avastha (stages) as Bala, madhya and vridhha avastha. Kapha, pitta and Vata dosha dominate bala, Madhya and vriddhavastha respectively. Rajonivritti is the last stage of the reproductive life i.e the end of the madhayamavastha and the beginning of the vriddhavastha, we enter the third phase of our life which is vata dominated period. She experiences different changes in the body and behavior. Many studies concluded that the most difficult symptoms are the manasika ones; they face the challenges of not being in control of their emotions. After 50 yrs, because of the age the integrity of dhatus are lost leading to kshaya of rajas and stanya etc. During menopause most of the women experience irritability, insomnia, mood swings, depression, foggy memory etc. many woman don?t know what is taking place and what their options are. Ayurveda can do miracles in menopause. We will see how Psychological menopausal symptoms through panchakarma, vedic medidation, asanas, mantras, yoga nidra etc will embrace menopause.

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